The M^3

OK now, this is a project I did a while ago, but since some people have asked for pictures, here they are.
The M^3 is quite the performer and it is available from AMB Laboratories. It was actually the first "bigger" electronic project I engaged in. It has served me since 2007 and never let me down! On to the pictures...

OK, so this is my primary computer setup as of writing (so when you read this, things may very well have changed...).
It consists of:
Sennheiser HD600 headphones (not modified)
M^3 Head Amp with external power supply
Creative Soundblaster X-FI Fatal1ty (Modified)

Starting with the not-so-interesting stuff, here is the PSU. I chose to have it external to avoid hum and other nasty things... or, well, maybe just because I could not fit both PSU and amp in the same case.
You might notice something underneath the LED and just to feed your curiosity that is what happens when you drill a hole for the LED only to find out there is not enough space because of the toroid!

This is the back of the PSU, it holds an on/off switch, a mains in socket and a fuse holder. The wire feeds DC to the amp.

Opening the PSU reveals the PSU's internals, a toroid and a very basic power supply.

Time to have a look at the amp, the holes in the top are drilled by hand but turned out quite good I think.

The front has (another) on/off switch for the amp, an on/off LED, Neutrik locking headphone socket, bass boost knob (though I never boost bass) and finally the volume knob.

Backside shot of the amp.

On the back of the amp are a pair of RCA sockets for audio in, another headphone socket (in case my desk would look neater with the cable coming out the back) and the DC inlet.

Taking the lid off shows the internals...

...and just one more of the inside.

Final picture of the amp and PSU on.
I hope this satisfies those of you with an interest in the M^3 head amp. If you wan't more, head over to see a much nicer (and much more expensive) version I made for a friend.